About MistyB


The Misty B Story...

I believe that you can be whatever you set out to be. There is so much potential inside each and every one of us. I believe we are here to express ourselves and to release our hidden talents to the world. .Sadly for some, this potential may be trapped or blocked. I want to encourage women of all ages to break free of those obstacles and find their true place in life.

Art has provided me with a way to share how I feel about life. I love bright and bold colors.  Maybe it's simply that art and color are ways for me to express the joy I see in the world.

I also love being healthy and working out relieves any tension I am feeling and sets me up for a great day. I feel positive when I exercise and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

MistyB Clothing has given me the opportunity to combine these two passions. My pants are meant to make you feel happy while you are getting fit! I know everyone needs plain black yoga pants, and I believe that everyone should have at least one colorful pair too!

Our logo is designed to remind every woman that you can be amazing and achieve your dreams. You are beautiful. You are brilliant. Be the best you can be. And always remember to be the boss of yourself. Never let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.

I hope that you take inspiration from your MistyB’s. I hope that together we can add more color to this beautiful world.